Depressed Nasal Bridge (depressed bridge of nose)

Understanding nose related symptoms and features

Symptoms may affect multiple parts of the body. Understanding which part of the body a symptom affects, can help us to better understand the potential underlying causes of a symptom, including a rare disease or genetic syndrome.

The nose is a part of the respiratory system of the body, a system that includes the lungs and airways to. The respiratory system is what makes it possible for the body to inhale and exhale air to breathe.

The nose is also a sensory organ. It is responsible for the body’s sense of smell.

Sometimes symptoms affecting the nose can be seen with the eye. Although diagnosing a nose related symptom may involve different tests and assessments, both subjective and objective.

Symptoms relating to the nose may affect its structure, shape and/ or function. Some features will affect just the appearance of the nose while others may affect its ability to smell, and its ability to function properly as a part of the respiratory system.

What is a depressed nasal bridge (flat nose)?

A depressed nasal bridge means the nasal bridge (the bony part at the top of your nose and below the forehead) has not developed as much as it should have creating a flat area. A depressed nasal bridge or flat nose may be the result of trauma, infection, congenital anomalies or a genetic syndrome.

What should I do next?

In some instances a depressed nasal bridge may be one of the features of a rare disease or genetic syndrome. In this case fast, targeted genetic analysis can give you a more accurate diagnosis.

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