Fingernail Dysplasia

Understanding hair related symptoms and features.

Symptoms may affect multiple parts of the body. Understanding which part of the body a symptom affects, can help us to better understand the potential underlying causes of a symptom, including a rare disease or genetic syndrome.

Hair is a part of the integumentary system of the body, a system which includes not only hair but also skin and nails too. The integumentary system acts to protect our body from external threats or injury.

Generally, symptoms affecting the hair can be seen with the eye. Although diagnosing a hair related symptom may involve different tests and assessments, both subjective and objective.

Symptoms relating to the hair affect hair on all parts of the body, including the scalp, torso and face. They may also affect specific features of the face, including the eyebrows and eyelashes. When looking specifically at symptoms relating to the hair, other aspects such as the amount, distribution, thickness, texture and color should also be taken into consideration.

What is fingernail dysplasia?

Abnormalities of the nail can often be a result of skin disease or infection. Medical professional examination of finger and toe nails offers a great deal of information, both general and specific, about the patient’s health, including the possibility of malignancy, and specifics of nutritional health.

Fingernail dysplasia, that is to say, certain types of abnormal fingernail development and some specific appearance of the nails, can be a marker for certain diseases or syndromes. This diagnosis also depends on other accompanying features such as a change in appearance related to growth, including but not limited to ridging, flaking or poor growth.

What should I do next?

In some instances, fingernail dysplasia may be one of the features of a rare disease or genetic syndrome. In this case fast, targeted genetic analysis can give you a more accurate diagnosis.

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