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What is FDNA Telehealth?
FDNA Telehealth uses facial photo analysis to identify rare genetic diseases. Its next-generation phenotyping technology powers its facial recognition software making and aims to aid families paused in their diagnostic journey.
Who are FDNA Telehealth?
We are a precision medicine company utilizing AI and deep learning to develop telehealth diagnostic tools to make genetic analysis accessible, affordable, and accurate.
How can FDNA Telehealth help me or my child?
FDNA Telehealth has a unique technology that helps clinicians capture and review information about you or your child’s health profile, access helpful resources, and even get advice from other experts. It all starts with a simple photo.
How does it work?
Using your photo, our system can detect patterns and features that are then compared with those of thousands of known syndromes. An initial meeting is scheduled with a Genetic Counsellor to produce your initial case report.

Based on the results, we will assign Genetic Clinician(s) from our network to analyze all the information and order tests that may help identify possible genetic conditions.
How do I use FDNA Telehealth?
Check the video on our "How it Works" page to learn more on how to use FDNA Telehealth. If you still have questions, please contact us at [email protected]
How do I create an account with FDNA Telehealth?
Setting up an account with us is easy and quick! Please click here and we will guide you through the process.
How much does a genetic analysis cost?
An analysis can start from as little as $50 (with in-network insurance coverage - coming soon). After you fill in your case details and schedule your appointment, one of our Genetic Case Coordinators will contact you to confirm the details. Should you decide to continue further additional tests and meetings beyond your initial genetic consultation, additional fees apply.
To understand more about what a genetic analysis entails, check out our "How it Works" page.
How long does it take to receive the genetic analysis?
Once the analysis process starts, we usually schedule your online meeting within 48 hours, and the report will be provided within a few days following your session with the genetic counselor.
What can the FDNA genetic analysis tell me?
The genetic analysis will identify if relevant syndromes show a high degree of match between the facial features and markers identified from your image by our facial recognition software. The analysis will tell you if genetic counseling and or genetic testing may be required in the next step of your diagnostic journey.
Will my photo or other private information be shared with others?
No! Only the genetic counselor and genetics MD that will be assigned to your case will have access to the information provided. We take protecting our patients' privacy very seriously. All images are de-identified for analysis purposes and are stored according to the most updated privacy laws.
When I upload a photo to FDNA Telehealth, how is it used?
Images uploaded to the FDNA telehealth software are only accessible to you, the user. Images uploaded are de-identified by our technology, meaning they create a digital representation of the face that can not be identified. Our technology then scans only this de-identified image, as opposed to the uploaded one. If your image is one with a clear diagnosis it may be used to train our technology in order to help future users and the genetics community as a whole. Again, only de-identified data is used for this purpose. For more information please read our Data protection and security policy.
How does FDNA Telehealth protect patient privacy?
We can not emphasize enough how important protecting our patients' privacy is to us. Our telehealth solution is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. For more information on how important patient privacy is to us, please read our Privacy Policy.
I am a patient or a parent of a patient, but not a healthcare professional. Can I still use FDNA Telehealth?
Our facial analysis tool is designed to be an effective telehealth solution for parents and families. All you need to use it is an internet connection and a device with a camera. It is easy to use even for non-medical professionals.
I am a member of a rare disease advocacy group. How can I collaborate with FDNA and Telehealth?
Our goal is to improve the diagnostic time and outcomes for patients and their families with rare diseases. Cooperating with advocacy groups is an important part of what we do to further the research and reach families who would benefit from a faster, accessible diagnosis. Please be in touch with us here, and we look forward to the opportunities for collaboration.
What if there are no genetic counselors in my area?
Our extensive global network of genetic counselors covers more than 130 countries. Our team will work with you to locate the closest genetic counselor and arrange an online telehealth consultation with them.

FDNA Telehealth can bring you closer to a diagnosis.
Schedule an online genetic counseling meeting within 72 hours!