Genetic Counseling via Telehealth

The benefits 

In recent years the growth of telehealth as a medical diagnosis and care platform has brought many benefits to patients and medical professionals alike. Moving medical appointments online means greater accessibility to medical professionals and health services for more people. It also helps improve the efficiency and availability of medical services, and also brings down their cost. 

For all of these reasons, genetic counseling via Telehealth is an increasingly available and popular option for rare disease patients and their families. Improved access to genetic counseling improves the accuracy of genetic diagnosis for rare disease, and ensures timely access to care and support for a rare disease too. 

Genetic Counseling via Telehealth

Improved accessibility 

Genetic counseling via telehealth, or online genetic counseling, improves accessibility to genetic services in several ways. 

Online services remove location and travel constraints that might otherwise prevent people from accessing them. Online genetic counseling can be accessed from anywhere, with a connected, video able device, and this means even those patients with limited or no genetic counseling services in their local area, can easily access a genetic counselor without having to travel long distances.

Ease of Use

Genetic counseling via telehealth is not difficult to access and intentionally so. Accessible from a phone, tablet, or computer it is no harder to use than opening and using an app or video call. This ensures it is accessible to everyone who needs it. 

Improved availability

Online genetic counseling allows patients to connect with a global network of genetic counselors. They are not restricted to genetic counselors in their area, who may have long wait lists. It also means they can access specialist genetic counseling services, for pediatrics or cancer, which might not be available in their immediate area.

Many telegenetic counseling services are able to connect patients to genetic counselors within hours if needed. This almost immediate access to crucial genetic services is transforming support and care for everyone who needs genetic counseling services, either as an isolated appointment or on a more regular basis. 

The future

The future of genetic counseling via telehealth is undoubtedly significant growth and expansion. The more patients who are able to connect with genetic counselors from the comfort of their own home, without sacrificing quality of care and support, the more in demand the service will become. 

The future of virtual genetic counseling looks poised to incorporate increased involvement of more genetic experts, not just genetic counselors, as well as the coordination of care for a rare disease patient. 


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