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FDNA quotes

"Some people say it's just a diagnosis. We say it's about finding people with the same fears and questions that can truly understand and support you. It's finding a new family."


Andreia and Luís
Parents of Maria

FDNA quotes

"Our road to a rare disease diagnosis was a 5-year journey that I can only describe as trying to take a road trip with no map. We didn’t know our starting point. We didn’t know our destination. Now we have hope."


Paula and Bobby
Parents of Lillie

FDNA quotes

"After a 17-year search, we finally know the origin of her disease. What a relief to find out that this Dutch beauty has so much in common with her 20 ‘sisters’ from around the world."


Robert de Bruijne
Parent of Christelle

Frequently asked questions

What is FDNA Telehealth?
FDNA Telehealth is a leading digital health and AI (Artificial intelligence) company operating in rare diseases and genetic conditions. FDNA has developed a portfolio of AI-based technologies for screening, diagnostics, and rare genetic analysis support. As a precision medicine solution, FDNA Telehealth assists patients and their families stranded or paused within their diagnostic odyssey.
How can FDNA Telehealth help my child or me?
FDNA Telehealth has a unique technology that helps clinicians capture and review information about you or your child’s health profile, access helpful resources, and even get advice from other experts. It all starts with a simple photo.
Instead of waiting months and sometimes even years for a diagnosis, we directly bring you a technology used by 70% of the world’s geneticists across 2,000 clinical sites in over 130 countries.

With more than 250,000 patients successfully analyzed, we can save you valuable time by connecting you directly to a genetic counselor or a geneticist for remote consultation as soon as within 72 hours and bring you closer to a diagnosis!
How does it work?
After you securely upload your case details and a photo, our system will produce a report that will be reviewed by a Genetic Expert, and you can immediately schedule an online genetic counseling meeting for a faster and more accurate genetic analysis.

Using your photo, our system can detect patterns and features that are then compared with those of thousands of known syndromes. An initial meeting is scheduled with a Genetic Counselor to go over your initial report, analyze all the information, and if needed, order tests that may help identify possible genetic conditions.
Why should I share a photo?
Physical features – including facial structure, shape, and form – can tell a lot about a potential medical condition. Many features, like the color of your eyes and shape of your ears, may be passed down through your parents, while others may result from your unique genetics. It is essential to look at all these genetic evaluation features because we know that physical features or patterns can help us find the correct diagnosis and cause.
Will my photo be secured?
All patient photos are converted into a de-identified digital description of the face. This de-identified facial data is used for the analysis, while the original photo is considered personal health information (PHI).

FDNA Telehealth can bring you closer to a diagnosis.
Schedule an online genetic counseling meeting within 72 hours!