Pediatric Geneticists Near Me

What is a pediatric genetic expert?

A pediatric genetic expert may have one of two roles. They may be a pediatric genetic counselor, or a pediatric geneticist.

Both types of experts specialize in genetics and rare disorders in relation to children, from infancy to the end of the teenage years. 

A pediatric genetic counselor has many roles, and works closely with families undergoing genetic screening and testing for their infant or child. They provide a plethora of services and considerable support for families trying to understand more about their child’s genetic and general health.

A pediatric geneticist is a medical doctor who is able to identify, and treat, rare diseases and genetic disorders in children. Very often they will work alongside a genetic counselor in order to ensure a family receives an accurate and timely diagnosis. 

Finding pediatric geneticists or experts near me: the challenges

Depending on where a family lives, and if they have the ability to travel, access to a pediatric genetic expert can be difficult. Locations outside of large cities may not necessarily have pediatric genetic experts available for families who need them. 

Also as demand for pediatric genetic services grows, due to an increase in prenatal genetic screening options, and as awareness about genetic disorders increases, oftentimes there are extended wait times to secure an appointment with a pediatric genetic expert. 

All of these factors pose challenges and barriers to access to pediatric genetic services. This can hinder early intervention for rare disease children, and their families. It can also lead to a higher rate of misdiagnosis in children, and a delayed diagnosis as well. All of these can then have a negative and lasting impact on the health of a child, and on the ability of their family to manage their condition. 

Finding a pediatric genetic expert near me: improving access

Now that there is a recognised need for greater and easier access to pediatric genetic services, and experts, recent years have seen the development of new ways of improving access to them. Chief among these developments have been the introduction of online genetic counseling and analysis services.

Online genetic counseling widens access in several key ways. Virtual appointments make them accessible to anyone for anywhere, and remove location obstacles. Families can connect to genetic experts from around the world from any connected device, making it easier and faster to access pediatric genetic services than ever before. It also allows them to access crucial support services from the comfort of their own home. 

Online genetic counseling means access to crucial services, even if it is not possible to find a pediatric genetic expert nearby. This has the potential to ensure families are able to access pediatric genetic services faster and more easily. 

This in turn has the potential to massively increase awareness about genetic disorders, and has the potential to improve the accuracy of a genetic diagnosis for rare disease. This means more support, and better care for all of those affected by a rare disease or genetic syndrome.


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