What is Telegenetics?

Telegenetics connects individuals and families to genetic counselors and genetic counseling.

When obstacles such as location, lack of genetic counselors, and/or inability to travel and reach one, might otherwise prevent from accessing crucial genetic services. 

developmental delay in infants

Why is Telegenetics good for me?

Telegenetics is the process of providing genetic counseling remotely online. It was pioneered primarily to provide genetic services to those in rural locations or areas without genetic counselors available. It allows individuals and families to undergo the genetic counseling process from the comfort and convenience of their home, or a location of their choice. 

Telegenetics requires a strong internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or other devices with a camera. It is important that the genetic counselor is able to see physically the individual undergoing diagnosis. 

Online Genetic Analysis

Telegenetics brings patients closer to an analysis

Recent studies into the application and benefits of telegenetics reinforce that families are overall very satisfied with the level of care they receive through the service and that they appreciate the convenience and flexibility the service provides.

Patients are better able to plan the counseling around their lives when using telegenetics services, and time is not wasted traveling to appointments or far away locations in order to access genetic counseling services. Making genetic counseling more accessible, to more people is the ultimate goal of telegenetics. If, in the process, it also makes it more affordable for families, and reduces the wait time for genetic counseling appointments and sessions, then even better. 

Telegenetics is on the rise!

With an increase in demand for both genetic counseling and genetic testing services in recent years, the ability of technology and specifically video conferencing to enable more patients and their families to access important genetic counseling services is improving the ability of genetic counselors and geneticists to provide quality care. Telegenetics has a continuing role in improving the accessibility and quality of genetic counseling and services. 

At FDNA Health we are pioneering our AI-powered technologies and solutions for rare genetic analysis. We believe that telegenetics has a considerable role to play in reducing diagnostic journey times for families and individuals.

The rise in telegenetics has allowed us to explore ways in which we can connect and assist our clients. Genetic counseling is crucial in helping families navigate certain rare syndromes such as Achondroplasia and others.

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