DNA Analysis Online

Facial screening analysis

DNA analysis is moving online and in the process allowing everyone to take greater control over their genetic health, and that of their children too. 

One example of advanced online DNA or genetic analysis includes the application of advanced AI-powered facial screening technology to provide online genetic analysis.

This form of genetic analysis is able to scan a single image of a person, identify key facial markers, and then compare these markers against a database of thousands of facial features identified from thousands of known genetic syndromes.

This creates a report, evaluating a person’s risk for specific genetic disorders, based on their specific facial features. This genetic analysis does not specifically analyze a person’s DNA as a part of the screening process, but what it does do is identify the syndromes a person may be at risk of developing, and for which they should consider proceeding with actual DNA and genetic testing for. 

What it also does is make genetic analysis accessible to anyone, from the comfort of their own home. It empowers people, the more people understand about their own genetic health and rare diseases in general, the more accurate genetic diagnosis becomes. 

What is DNA analysis online? Online genetic counseling

Perhaps the most important part of  understanding what is genetic analysis online is virtual genetic counseling. To most people, who are not genetic experts, online DNA and genetic analysis means nothing without the support and interpretation provided by a genetic counselor.

A genetic counselor is able to take a person’s online analysis and from it, as well as from a number of other factors, calculate their genetic risk assessment for a specific syndrome or syndromes. 

Online genetic or DNA analysis is not enough to diagnose a syndrome, it is not even enough to fully understand a person’s risk for developing specific genetic disorders. But it can provide a powerful indication for genetic counselors as to which genetic conditions a person may be at risk for, and thus positively influence the direction of genetic testing and further genetic analysis. 

Genetic analysis, and its related genetic analysis methods, is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to arriving at an accurate diagnosis for a rare disease. 

A genetic counselor will also need to understand:

-A patient’s medical history

-A patient’s family’s medical history

-Any results from genetic and DNA analysis, whether online or not

They will then relate all of this information and data to their own expert understanding of the causes and symptoms of rare diseases, in order to better instruct a patient in terms of which genetic testing options to proceed with. 

The availability of genetic and DNA diagnosis online is important for many reasons. It allows people greater control over their own genetic and general health, and that of their families. It also helps improve awareness about rare diseases, which is much needed. The use of new analysis technologies also have the potential to improve the accuracy of genetic analysis, leading ultimately to more accurate genetic diagnosis rates as well. All of this helps rare disease patients. 







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