Finding Genetic Testing Near Me

The challenges and solutions. 

Genetic testing

Genetic testing and diagnosis is the process of identifying if an individual is at risk for, or has a rare disease. It can also identify if an individual is a carrier of a rare disease or genetic syndrome. 

There are many different types of  testing options available, and finding the right test, based on an individual’s family medical history, possible symptoms, and risk for developing a rare disease, is essential in order to reach a targeted and accurate diagnosis.

The more targeted testing is, the more accurate it is as well. 

Finding genetic testing near me: the challenges

There are plenty of challenges facing individuals and families looking for genetic screening and diagnosis options in their area. 

There is no blanket test to identify gene changes and rare diseases, each test identifies specific gene mutations, or tests for a specific purpose, such as carrier screening. 

In order for an individual to receive an accurate diagnosis from genetic testing, they must be referred to the type of testing that is right for them. If there is a family history of a specific gene change, or set of symptoms related to a particular rare disease, so genetic testing for this specifically will need to be found. 

Understanding which genetic testing is the most appropriate for a specific individual in order to receive an accurate diagnosis, is not achievable without genetic counseling. Genetic counseling bridges the gap between the medical world, and patients facing a rare disease diagnosis, and helps people understand their risks and symptoms of rare diseases. 

It also importantly, is able to guide people towards the right testing for them. A genetic counselor is able to understand, from an individual’s medical and family medical history, as well as from any symptoms they may have, what their risk for a specific syndrome is and the most accurate type of testing to identify. The greater access people have to quality genetic counseling, the more able they are to access the genetic testing that is right for them and their genetic health. 

Finding specific genetic testing services is not easy, especially outside of large, urban centers. Many individuals face long journey times to access genetic testing and genetic services. The same can be said of access to genetic counseling services, and the less access people have to genetic counseling services, the longer they wait for an accurate diagnosis, and the more likely they are to receive a wrong diagnosis. 

Improved access to genetic counseling, increases access to targeted genetic testing, and increases the chances of an individual or family receiving a faster, and more accurate diagnosis. 

Finding genetic testing near me: the solution

Online Genetic Counseling

When it comes to finding genetic testing near you, the first place to start is with a genetic counselor. They are the first part of the genetic testing and diagnosis process. 

In order to overcome accessibility and location issues, genetic counseling is increasingly moving online in an attempt to reach more people. Online genetic counseling connects people to a global network of genetic counselors and experts, from anywhere in the world. It is no longer necessary to find a genetic counselor near you, you can access a genetic counselor from the comfort of your own home, through a connected device. 

With this greater connectivity to genetic counselors, comes increased access to testing recommendations and options too. This in turn improves the accuracy of the testing, and the eventual diagnosis. 

This is an important advancement in terms of how people find and access important and crucial genetic services for rare disease, and in particular genetic counseling. 



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