Advanced Telegenetic Counseling


Telegenetic counseling, quite simply, is genetic counseling available online. It requires a connected video device, this can be a smartphone or computer, and that is all. It is genetic counseling, and all of the support and services it provides, delivered virtually. 

Genetic counseling is an emotional and genetic support service for anyone undergoing genetic screening, and testing, and for anyone suspected of having a rare disease due to family history, or their own unique symptoms.

Advanced Telegenetic counseling: the benefits

Improved access to genetic consultation is the main benefit from moving it online. This is because Telegenetic counseling is available from anywhere – and for most people this means from the comfort of their own home. There are no location limitations when it comes to this version of genetic counseling – there is no travelling involved. This also makes it easier for individuals and families to plan genetic counseling around their schedules, and other needs. 

For some people it is possibly the only way they can access genetic counseling at all. If there are limited, or no genetic counseling services in their immediate and local area, virtual genetic counseling may be the only option they have in terms of accessing this crucial and important service. 

In some areas, due to an increased awareness about the importance of genetic counseling, and an increase in direct-to-consumer genetic testing and screening options, wait times for genetic counseling services can be long, and hinder important access for patients and their families. Telegenetic counseling has the ability to connect patients to a global network of genetic experts – online genetic counseling can connect counselors and individuals from anywhere in the world, eliminating long wait times and availability issues.

At the same time it can connect individuals and families to the many different types of genetic counseling, and genetic counseling specialists, that may not be otherwise available in their local area.

Advanced Telegenetic counseling: the services

Advanced Telegenetic counseling can provide all of the essential services that in-person genetic counseling can.

These include – 

  • Education about rare diseases – including what causes them, how they might be inherited, and their symptoms
  • An understanding of the genetic testing process – the different types of testing available, the process of each, and what the results might be able to tell you. Some types of genetic testing can accurately confirm the presence of a rare disease, or gene mutation which triggers one. Other forms of genetic screening just provide a greater understanding of whether an individual has an increased risk for developing a rare disease. 
  • Recommendations for which type of genetic testing to opt for – this can vary depending on the rare disease suspected. Genetic counselors understand which tests are relevant for which syndromes, and the accuracy of each. 
  • Emotional support and counseling services for those facing a rare disease diagnosis, or who have received a confirmed diagnosis. This can also include connecting families to rare disease support groups and networks. 
  • Coordinating medical teams, professionals and potential treatments for rare disease patients. This can be tricky for parents to do by themselves, but genetic counselors are able to bring all of these teams together in the best interests of the patient. 

Advanced Telegenetic counseling is bringing important genetic counseling services closer to those who need them. This is an important step forward in improving the accuracy of genetic diagnosis for rare disease. 


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